10 January 2015

Tonight was the only night we were able to get out before Reagan’s bedtime. We made it to Grand Central, saw the Chrysler Building, and Rockefeller Center. We just missed the tree – it came down the night we arrived in New York. Also, Jenny was surprised I left my camera at home, but as we walked around she said “I’m so glad you don’t have your camera – there’s no way I’d stop anywhere long enough for you to take photos!”

7 January 2015

We’re in New York City for a few days. This is the view from our room. I made the decision not to bring my camera for a few reasons. Jenny will be working most of the time and it’s going to be too cold to navigate the streets of New York on my own with the kid, so even if I do decide to brave it, I wouldn’t want to have to keep an eye on both the kid and the camera.