1 January 2018

My previous daily photo streak ended in the middle of 2015. It happened on accident, so I was disappointed to see such a good streak (4+ years) end. It was also a bit of a relief though. I’d been thinking about ending it for a while when it happened, so it wasn’t a huge loss. I tried to restart it a few times in 2016 and 2017, but I just couldn’t find the enthusiasm I once had for it.

Towards the end of 2017, I felt the enthusiasm return. I missed photographing regularly. Over the last 2-3 years, if I’d been taking photos, it’d been for work or a significant family thing – nothing really hobby related. I also realized that my daily photo was somewhat of a visual journal and now there’s a gap there.

So starting today, I’m looking forward to returning to my daily photo habits.